Whats On!


From drag concerts to workshops, we've got something for every day of Pride Month - and there's more to be annouced! Below we've included highlights from each day, click the link to see everything on that day!

Thursday 2nd June

Comedy in the Arcade: Jessica Fostekew, Drag Idol, Comforts of Domesticity

Friday 3rd June

Queer Fringe Launch Party, Cardiff Umbrella Opening

Saturday 4th June

Drag Queen Story Hour, Bad Gays

Sunday 5th June

Golden Girls Community Brunch, Lady Imelda

Monday 6th June

LGBTQ+ Gaming Night, Queer Film Prize

Tuesday 7th June

Meet The Ballroom Community, Comforts of Domesticity

Wednesday 8th June

Lesbian Speed Dating, Afghan Girls in Education

Thursday 9th June

Comedy in the Arcade: Priya Hall 

Friday 10th June

Jinkx Monsoon, Draglings, Swan Song

Saturday 11th June

Sam Hickman Variety Hour, Iris Summer Party

Sunday 12th June

Greatest Showman Community Brunch, Swan Song

Monday 13th June

LGBTQ+ Gaming Night, Meet The Ballroom Community

Tuesday 14th June

Bushra Comedy Cabaret, Knock on Wood, Skye's Craft Circle

Wednesday 15th June

In Conversation: Victoria Scone, Queer Book Exchange

Thursday 16th June

Comedy in the Arcade: Morgan Rees, Swan Song

Friday 17th June

Kingdom Come, Afghan Girls

Saturday 18th June

Song Birds 10th Anniversary Concert, Queenieshah

Sunday 19th June

Eurovision Community Brunch, We're All Gay

Monday 20th June

Mr Brakedown: Doom and Glitter, Let's Get Quizzical

Tuesday 21st June

Trans*Atlantic, Cardiff Windband, Camp Yn Y Llyfregell

Wednesday 22nd June

Clumsy Cabaret, Meet The Ballroom Community

Thursday 23rd June

Comedy in the Arcade: Bethany Black

Friday 24th June

Hey Mary, Draglings, Afghan Girls

Saturday 25th June

Sound Check X Dirty Pop, Mr Bewlay Rock and Roll Circus

Sunday 26th June

Buffy Community Brunch, Mrs Moore

Monday 27th June

Funny Huns, Dani Pryor, Sioe Gomedi LGBTQ+

Tuesday 28th June

Trans Life Drawing, Meet The Ballroom Community

Wednesday 29th June

Zing! Mixology, Speed Friendshipping

Thursday 30th June

Comedy in the Arcade: Sarah Keyworth, Zing! Mixology

Friday 1st July

Welsh Ballroom Community, Pip Gray (Nature Walk)

Saturday 2nd July

In Conversation: Shon Faye

Sunday 3rd July

Dog Pride Parade, Emo Community Brunch